There are lots of travelers in the world, whether they’re backpackers, businessmen or tourists; millions of people travel every day. It doesn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that some of them try to spice things up by attempting to set a world record. Check out some of the wackiest, strangest, and absolutely crazy things people have done to break a record and achieve fame.

Record breaking (1)

1. Packing heavy

Leslie Tipton in a suitcase (2)

Acrobatic Leslie Tipton holds the record for fastest time entering a zipped suitcase. In just 5.43 seconds Tipton folds herself into a suitcase. She achieved her record live on television on 14 September 2009 in New York.

2. Takeaway

Tony Hawks with his fridge (3)

Tents, sleeping bags – even a walking stick – people take all kinds of useful gear on their trips. But Tony Hawks brought something very strange. Hawks carried a fridge for over 1,650 km (1,025 miles), hitchhiking across Ireland between 6th and 30th May 1997. This particular feat, hotly contested though it must be, landed him a unique spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Seasoned backpacker

John Waite (4)

Backpacking is not just for the young and restless. Living (and backpacking) proof comes in the form of John Waite; at 89 years of age he is officially the oldest backpacker in the world. John has been travelling around the world since his wife died in 1982. John travels light: with only one change of clothing he moves from country to country, staying at hostels and making new friends.

4. First steps

Baby with suitcase (5)

From the oldest to the youngest: British Vaidehi Thirrupathy was exactly 205 days old when she completed her journey in Antarctica, becoming the youngest person ever to visit all seven continents.

5. A dog’s life

Owney the dog (6)

It’s not just people who like to travel. The first known round-the-world trip completed by a dog is an honour that belongs to Owney – the world’s most travelled dog. In 1888 he wandered into a post office and was promptly adopted by the postal workers. He started riding the horse-drawn mail carts, and then moved onto the railways, ships and overseas cities. At each port of call, he got a token; the total number of tokens he amassed is estimated to be an impressive 1017.

6. Sailing solo

Laura Dekker (7)

The Dutch government didn’t want to let (then) 13 year old Laura Dekker sail off towards her attempt to break the world record as the youngest girl to ever circumnavigate the globe solo. But on 12 January 2012, she set the record straight! By then aged 16 years, 4 months and 1 day she became the youngest girl ever to sail around the world solo.

7. Air miles

Airplane (8)

The islands of Papa Westray and Westray are just 14 km apart; still Logan Air provides a daily service between the two. With a flight time of just two minutes, it’s the shortest commercial flight in the world.

The longest commercial flight is from Newark airport in New York to Singapore. At a whopping 18 hr 50 min, it’s the longest sit in the world.

8. Green wheels

Skateboard (9)

If you can’t afford the airfare, try skating your way to your destination. Rob Thomson skated from Leysin, Switzerland to Shanghai, China. It took him one year and 3 months to skate the 12,159 km (7,555 miles).

9. Des étrangers

Tourists (10)

It’s a good job the French are so famous for their hospitality. France is the world’s most visited country in the world, with approximately 76.8 million visitors each year. That’s about 345 million “parlez-vous francais?” per capita per annum.

10. Room with a view

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong (11)

Probably best to make sure you’re not afraid of heights before checking into the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. Located on the top of Hong Kong’s tallest building, the 488 metre tall International Commerce Centre, the Ritz-Carlton probably has the best panoramic views of Hong Kong.

Finish line (12)

Are you a record breaker yourself? Or do you have any embarrassing stories attempting to break one? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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Top 10 Crazy Travel Records

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