If you are anything like us, your traveling consists of an endless quest for the most unique elements of each destination. We all know it is great to see iconic landmarks a.k.a Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty… but it is also incredibly rewarding to get an insight into the most unique traits of each country’s personality.

The best way to discover the quirks of a country’s history is by visiting a local museum. There, you can see the history of a country sprawled across walls and windows, sometimes in very unconventional ways. And we love it!

Buckle up and join us on a trip through some of the strangest museums around the world. Even if it seems like a good laugh for you, make sure to swallow it before entering, because as ridiculous as it sounds, these museums’ staff and some of their visitors take their quirk very seriously.

7.Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, Japan

Who would have thought that the favorite dish of young bachelors and broke college students would make up for a museum exhibit?

Momofuku Ando showcases all Nissin products ever created. The museum itself is pretty flavorless and dry, but if you would like to take meaning out of your college menu, it could be a good place to visit. Do not worry if you get hungry mid visit, noodles and hot water are provided.

6.Museum of Bad Art, United States

Finding beautiful art is an easy task around the world, but finding a place that exclusively celebrate the efforts of less-than-talented artists, this is a rare. The museum of Bad Arts in Boston has accepted the challenge, showcasing the best out of the worst art ever created.

Their hilarious collection showcases different pieces of ‘art’ under categories such as ‘ ‘Landscape: are these ice creams or mountains?’, ‘Unseen forces: it is not an easy thing to struggle against mighty forces like the giant orange cat consuming mankind.’, ‘In the nood: warning, contains noodity.’  and ‘ Poor traits:he human (or canine) condition, brought forth into the spotlight.’ to name a few.

  1. Museum of Enduring Beauty, Malaysia

Have you ever done something extreme in the name of beauty? That is nothing! Pay a visit to the third floor of the People’s Museum in Malaysia, and check the extremes people will go to feel pretty.

The exhibit covers beauty from the very beginning of human history, which reveals outrageous concepts of beauty people will conform to: insertion of round disks into their mouths, bound feet, molding heads into oval shapes and much more.

After a visit, you will either feel much better about your appearance or you will get self-conscious many concepts of “real beauty”.

  1. International Cryptozoology Museum, United States

Cryptozoology is the study of unverified animals, mystical creatures which exist by legend or belief, such as the Sasquatch or Loch Ness Monster.

Loren Coleman has created a remarkable collection of purported specimens. Relics and artifacts on mythical creatures, including a life-size Coelacanth and the Feejee Mermaid, as well as a variety of hair samples, fecal matter and footcasts of animals that probably have only walked in Coleman’s imagination.

  1. Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center, United States

This is certainly not a place for the Coulrophobics ( people with a phobia of clowns). This hall is dedicated to everything clown from hand buzzers to seltzer bottles.This museum is way beyond a barrel of laughs.

The funny and terrifying clowns are honored inside, with fascinating stories behind their thick layer of makeup. Its proud owner has the largest archive of clown artifacts in the world.

2.Beijing Tap Water Museum, China

We would love to tell you that the title is a mistranslation, but it isn’t. This museum takes place in a former pipe-house in the center of Beijing, which includes 130 models and artifacts such as vintage water coupons from Jingshi Tap Water Company, the first tap water company in the capital.

Just make sure not to get to excited to drink some of the vintage water, as Beijing residents know well, the water coming out of their taps is hardly safe to drink. While visiting, do not forget to check the miniature tap water filtration system that gives the Forbidden City a run for its money.

1.The Kunstkamera, Russia

Although it may seem odd, Russia’s first museum is on the top of our list. If you think we are crazy, just take a glance at Peter the Great’s cabinet of curiosities which reveals some highly bizarre items. The 200,000 natural and human oddities collection was originally assembled in order to dispel the Russians’ belief in monsters, but after taking a closer look at the exhibit we would bet it backfired immensely.

The Czar put together a personality full of curiosities including deformed fetuses, creatures with extra heads and limbs, and even a pickled decapitated human head. Today, the museum is home to the modern Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, with remnants collection of medical freaks hidden behind mannequins of local tribes and rather uninteresting expositions. While visiting, do not forget to check the hundreds of human fetuses, all of them with anatomical mutations from flippers to deformed heads.

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Top 7 Strangest Museums Around the World

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