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January is one of the coldest months of the year in many countries around Europe. After the holidays are over, many people get into their “winter blues” and just stay in door while it’s freezing cold outside. As an Israeli person living in cold Amsterdam and being used to the warm Mediterranean sun, I get myself a bit down when every morning I see only clouds in my window…

That is why I always make sure to keep one weekend free in January so I will be able to get some relaxation time myself Because away going to a sunny destination can be pretty expensive, (same as me and you, many people want to go lay in the sun somewhere sunny, and that’s how you get “overpriced” hotel rooms) I try to look around for a city which offers many cool activities to do inside. That is how London became one of my favorite destinations to visit.


The variety of thing to see and do there is so broad, you will not have to go outside almost at all! Check out some of the top things to do when it’s raining in London:

  1. Go see a musical- going to a musical in London will for sure be my first choice- regardless of the weather! Because there so many musicals in London, you have to make your choice after a small research. If there is one musical in particular which I would have to recommend, it will be: “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. This amazing production won so many prices in the past that is it obvious why the theatre keeps getting full each time. Make sure to book your tickets in advance!
  2. London black taxi tour- too rainy to walk around the city? Want to enjoy the luxury to let someone driving you around all the main tourist attractions? Then “London Black Taxi Tour” will be a treat for you! Check this website from Michael Churchill, your future taxi driver and he will explain to your exactly where you will be visiting. His fancy vehicle is old-school, super chic and fine looking. Best thing is: it will take you on a ride in the big city!
  3. Free movies UK- the vision behind this wonderful organization is to give people the chance to go to their nearest cinema in the UK, (London in particular) and watch all the newest films which have not been released yet. In case you wonder what‘s the catch here? There isn’t!  Movie makers believe in a “word of mouth” marketing which means:  you will tell everybody about this amazing film you went to and they will get inspired buy a ticket once it’s out and go watch it!

Visit their website in order to register yourself and start receiving movie invitations!

  1. National Portrait Gallery- this amazing gallery holds the biggest portraits collection in the entire world. Curious to see how did Queen Victoria look like when she was a young girl? Interested in seeing how different people come across when they get in front of the camera? You will be surprised how many intimate details can one photo revels when it’s being taken by the right people. Visit this museum and get inspired to see your favorite celebrities putting themselves out there, in order for you to explore.

So that’s about it my friends, the rest you will have to find out by yourself. There are so many things to do in London that I am sure you will not have a problem to fill in your time there!

I’m a developer in for almost two years. Inspired by this area very much and happy to be onboard of this team.
Top things to do in London when it’s raining

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