Waiting for a flight in the airport is probably one of the most annoying things out there. Airports are not the most exciting places and even though they offer different facilities and shops, after you strolled through all the stores there, (usually there are not so many of them) you will find yourself looking at your watch and praying for the time to move faster. As an expat living in Amsterdam I know the feeling of going crazy while waiting for a flight. That is why I decided to write this”10 things to do in Schiphol airport while waiting for a flight” article. For those of you who take their flight from other airports and want advice as well, no worries, my tips are probably valid for any airport out there!

Schiphol Airport

1. Surfing the internet

I decided to start my list with the most obvious option because I know for myself it is always the first thing I do. Spending time on the internet can easily make a few hours go by quickly. Reading the news, listening to good music, chat on Skype or MSN, upload pictures on Facebook and answer emails, are just some of the things you can do. At Schiphol airport there is free Wi-Fi connection almost everywhere. The first hour is free of charge. In case you want to surf longer just go to one of the “KPN Internet Centers” and purchase a premium Wi-Fi card. The KPN centers are located on departure lounges 1, 2, 3 and 4.

2. Magazines & book shops

This is by far my favorite activity. Magazines and book shops give you the option to browse through your favorite magazines, read interesting book covers and look at interesting pictures on design/ nature journals.  The best thing about magazines and book shops is the fact that you don’t actually need to buy any item from them! You can just read everything for free! Well, how much you will exactly read is also up to your shape as there is a lot of standing involve. Because I don’t want to encourage you to upset the sales people in the shop, make sure to buy at least one magazine or a book when you leave.

3. Eating

Another enjoyable thing to do in the airport is eating. Schiphol airport and any other international airport out there offer plenty of places to eat. I would recommend you to try not to eat junk food as it doesn’t digest very well, (talking from personal experience unfortunately) and to choose some healthy food instead. Just grab a nice sandwich or sushi and make sure to eat at least one hour before your flight departs.

See Buy Fly

4. Duty free deals

The duty free, (or “SEE BUY FLY” as they call it in Schiphol) is the number one place for shopping in the airport. Perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, chocolates and many other items, are all there for you to buy. The Duty free shops often have promotions and you will always find some kind of deal. Many times the: “buy 2 get 3” deal is happening and even if you already bought anything you need for yourself, there is always room for more!

5. Spa

Didn’t have time to do your nails before you left home? On your way to a business meeting and need some serious haircut? Feel like getting a nice massage? Then this is the place for you! The spa in Schiphol is located on departure lounge 2 and you can get pampered there seven days a week between 7.00 AM until 8.00 PM, no appointment is needed!

XpresSPA Shiphol Amsterdam


It might sound to you like a weird thing to do in the airport, but Schiphol airport offers shower facilities for people who want to freshen up before their flight. When you think about it, taking a good shower before a flight is not such a bad idea, there is nothing better than to feel clean and fresh before starting your long journey.

7. Yotel

This luxury airport hotel is an extremely wise idea from Schiphol airport. On the second floor, behind the passport control area, you will find the “Yotel Schiphol Airport”. Booking a room in the hotel will allow you to not only take a good shower, but also to sleep on a comfortable bed and enjoy the delightful treats in the mini-bar. 

8. Lounge with a book

Airports are full with lounge areas. If you know there is a long waiting time for you before a flight, make sure to bring a good book from home and also an inflatable pillow. Just pick a quiet spot in one of the lounges, grab your book and get into a comfortable position, who knows? Maybe the book will be that good that you will forget you are at the airport.

Murphy’s Pub Schiphol

9.Irish pub

Irish pubs are always fun, that is because you always know what you can expect.  “Murphy’s Irish Pub” is located near gate 10 at Schiphol airport. Grab a cold beer and enjoy it as if you are sitting at your local neighborhood bar, cannot think of a nicer way to wait for a flight than this!

Sleeping at the airport

10. Sleeping

Last but not least is sleeping. If you have more time to waste even after you did all the above options I gave you, then sleeping will probably be your next step. Luckily, there are more than enough free stools at the airport. They might not be as nice as your own bed, but when you’re tired, everything works!

I’m a developer in Localtells.com for almost two years. Inspired by this area very much and happy to be onboard of this team.
Top 10 things to do in Schiphol airport while waiting for a flight

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