If you postpone your traveling due to high prices, you no longer have a valid excuse. There are many destinations in the world that make up for amazing yet inexpensive getaways, you just have to adjust your itinerary.

From economic crisis to currency conversion, some of these countries can be visited for as little as $20 USD per day. The secret for frugal traveling is simple; explore off beaten track countries, travel in shoulder seasons and do your research in order to avoid tourist traps.

Cheap traveling is something that everyone with a desire for adventure can do, therefore, we have selected some of the best destinations for those on a tight budget. So, run while it’s cheap!

  1. Cambodia

If you desire to explore breathtaking sights, eat delicious Fish amok or Khmer red curry, and enjoy a rich culture under the warmest of suns without breaking the bank, then Cambodia is for you! In the country you can have filling meals for less than $3 USD, hotel rooms for  under $10 USD and public transportation for around $5 USD.

The country is relatively safe and locals are super friendly. Around the country many attractions can be done for free like visiting the Chroy Changvar Bridge or Phsar Thom Thmei (Central Market) for the best fried insects, mango juice or some serious window shopping.

  1. Greece

Financial crisis has made Greece an incredibly cheap destination. Home to some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world, and a food to die for, the country pleases all types of tourists for very budget friendly prices. With budget hotels for around $20 USD, Gyros for as little as $3 USD and a lot of nice beaches for free, makes it for a good opportunity to help out in the country’s economy.

  1. Thailand

Although airfare tickets to the island can get quite pricey, once you arrive at the country you can save some serious dough while having the time of your life. From deliciously cheap street food and accommodations starting for as little as $10 USD per night. You can easily spend an enjoyable day with $40 USD per day or live as a king for $100 USD per day. The country has beautiful cities to be explored such as Chiang Mai or Mae Hong Son for even cheaper prices.

  1. Argentina

If you love delicious meat, flavorful wines, lively nightlife and breathtaking sights, then Argentina is the best option for you. Enjoy the scenic Patagonia, dance the traditional tango in some of the local Milongas, for very budget friendly prices. The economic depression has hit the country hard, therefore prices are more affordable than ever before. You can easily spend a pleasant day with only $50 USD  in your pocket.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is also a great option for those who would like to travel to an exotic yet affordable destination. You can spend a nice day of sightseeing, eating delicious local food and drinking reasonably for around $20 USD per day. For organized excursions such as touring the Cu Chi tunnels you can expect to pay $7 USD. Halong Bay tours from Hanoi start at $25 USD for two-day trips and increase exponentially from there.

  1. Bulgaria/ Ukraine/ Romania

If you envision an Eurotrip on a budget, you should dodge the pricey western countries and flock to the pocket friendly east. These countries can be thoroughly enjoyed for as little as $50 USD a day. Eating tasty local food for around $5 USD, beer for $1.50 USD and accommodation for around $8 USD, you can have the time of your life on a tight budget.

  1. Hungary

With a lively night scene, natural and cultural beauties and especially with its friendly locals, Hungary makes one of the best and cheapest places to explore around the world. Enjoy the local market food for as little as $5 USD, transportation for $1 USD, and hotels for around $25 USD per night, Hungary is one of our favorite places in Europe for a cheap yet incredible vacation.

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Top 7 Cheap Places to Travel Around The World

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