Hello everybody and welcome to our new blog! Before we begin, we would like to tell you a little about ourselves…

  • We are an online hotel reservations company which provides hotels, B&B, hostels and apartments  worldwide
  • Our main office is located in the center of tampa florida; 
  • We have more than 15 nationalities in our team. You can only imagine what our kitchen is like during lunch break. In one word: loud!

If you are now at the point where you ask yourself: “Why on earth did they start with blogging?” here are few reasons:

  • At Localtells we’re passionate about travel, and we love to share our experience. Using our website you can browse or search for hotels, then filter and compare, and even rope your friends into helping you decide. We try to make your job easier by including extra travel information, such as city-focused blogposts, events listings and detailed maps.
  • We want people to know what we are all about! Behind our website there is a group of people, (fun people) that are just eager to be noticed ! We want you to see  the faces behind LocalTells.com!
  • We all love to travel and a big part of traveling is to share stories. Here we can do just that!
  • We want to help you while you explore the world! We will be more than happy to give you useful tips on where to go and what to do.

Hopefully now you have a better picture of us and why we started this blog.  Before we finish, here are some of things you can expect to read here in the future:

  • Useful information about places around the world
  • Strange and funny posts about things you always wanted to know but never dared to address. (For example things like…“Berlin’s spookiest hot spots”)
  • Information about our latest promotions and secret hotels!  Don’t worry- we won’t spam you with daily deals. We will just bother you a little from time to time…

So that is it! Nothing more to add – it is always good to keep some things a little bit of a mystery…

Hope to see you all around!

LocalTells.com Blog Team

Europe Expert :
I have spent nearly a decade in the online hotel reservations space, most recently serving as the CTO of Easytobook.com, leading its technology and product development teams, including the building of proprietary technology systems that solved unique technical challenges that allowed Easytobook to scale and prosper in the global accommodations ecommerce marketplace
Welcome to LocalTells.com blog!

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